Monday, 29 September 2014

How to recover Deleted files on Windows

Hi guys!Today i'm gonna show you how to recover deleted files on windows.

If you have deleted files and didn't deleted them from recycle bin you can easily restore them by clicking restore button.But if you have cleared the recycle bin and want that files back so this is for you.For that there is a software called RECUVA but it can recover the earlier files which were deleted about a week ago.

Go to which is a great site to download software and search for recuva.

Download the recuva software.install it and run it.

After that do not click the next button it's for automatic wizard hit the cancel button.

Now select the drive from where you had deleted the files.You can also recover files of your pen drive for that your pen drive have to be connected and after selecting the drive you have to hit the scan button and it will show you that which files are recoverable.

Files which are in green dots are recoverable and the red one are unrecoverable.Check the files that you want to recover and hit the recover button.after that it will ask you for selecting the drive where you want to recover your files.

select the drive and recover your files.The files will take time as per their size.

There is a software for Mac TIMEMACHINE and it works properly.


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