Thursday, 25 September 2014

Simplest way to Root Android Phone

Simplest way to ROOT you Android

Hey guys!If you are wondering to root your android device but don't know how to do it so this is for you.

Now if you want to know what are the advantages of rooting your android just google it.because there are too many advantages that I can't mention them.

Back to the point There are two easiest way to do it:
1]Using Kingo Android Root software.Yes guys this really works.
   Download Kingo android root from  It's for free.

Note:For HTC and Sony users you have to unlock your BOOTLOADER of  your devices.For that there is a kingo unlock bootloader app but i have not tested it.There is another way to do that for HTC go to HTCDEV.COM they will give you full instructions to do so.For sony users go to There you are.

Now back to rooting.Run the Kingo app.

Here it is.Now before connecting your device to pc first go to Settings>Developer options and turn on USB DEBUGGING mode.Now connect your device and wait until it installs perfectly.Now it will connect automatically.

It will flash 2 or 3 times just sit back.After that this screen will appear.

   I have already rooted my device so it is asking me for remove root or root again.For you guys it will be Root Here.Go ahead and and click on root.Now the software will handle every thing.During root process your device will reboot 1 or 2 times.DO NOT DISCONNECT your device.It will automatically install Super SU app to your android which is necessary after rooting your device to manage apps.There you go.You have successfully Rooted your device.


In the second method you don't need a pc.I will show you that method in my next post.

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