Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Sennheiser HD 180 Headphones Review

Let’s start with the physical has a big sennheiser
 branding on the top logos on the earcups and just the left and right indicator.So this headphones are overear type and they sits over your ears not on your ears.The earcups are ovel shaped and they are pretty big.they just tilt a bit not foldable so they are not so portable you have to carry them around in a headphone bag because they can be breaked if you put pressure on it.They are fully made of plastic. the cushions are really comfortabe and they covers your full ears it has this nice little cushions on the headband also.sound is also pretty good.sound leaks a bit but not that much.bass is also good and the volume is also supports 21 - 18,000 Hz sound frequency that’s a good uses the 3 and half mm headphone jack which is very usual and can be connected on most of the devices it also comes with the 6 and a half mm headphone jack So if you wanna connect your headphones directly to your amplifier.The cord is really long so if you wanna use them on your pc then go ahed but if you are going to use them on your phone then you will need to fold the cord a bit, and the cord easily gets tangled.but if you are comfortable with big headphones and the big cord I would recomand.

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