Friday, 26 September 2014

Simplest way to Root Android Phone Without a Computer

Hey guys!I have posted the simplest way to root your android with Kingo root app.If you haven't check that out Check it out it's the easiest way.

But if you don't have a Computer and you want to root your android this is the easiest way.Let's get started.

1]Download MINISTRO 2 from play store.

2]Go to google and type POOT APK and hit the search button.Now go to the first link which will be the dropbox link and download POOT APK from there.

Run and install the poot apk.Now it will automatically open the ministro 2 app and download the binaries for root.just sit back until it's over.After downloading the binaries you will see this.


After that you will see this and Now the important part do not download the Super user from here.Go back and open the play store.Type Super user and download it.Congratulations you have Rooted your phone.If you want to check that your phone is rooted or not go to play store and type root checker.Download root checker and check out your phone is rooted or not.
For some users it will show you error 18 su binary not found.For those who face this they should try the kingo app.


If you have a Computer Kingo root app will be the best way to root your android.Check out my last post for that.


  1. FINALLY! The solution here worked for my backup/secondary (older) Smart Phone (Can't get rid of the bloatware (yet?), but that's okay for now). Several programs were attempted, and failed.

    Anyway, here's the phone specs:

    Sprint LG Optimus S™ (LGE) LS670
    Version: ZVJ.47B67B46
    Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread

    *** THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! ***

    1. And you can download NOBLOAT FREE from playstore and get rid of that apps:)