Friday, 17 October 2014

Access Your PC With Your Phone

Access Your PC With Your Phone Using TeamViewer

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Hey Guys Today I'm gonna show you how to Access your PC with your Phone.Access Your full PC with it.

Download TeamViewer.Go to this link your type Windows,Mac or Linux .And Download it.

Download team viewer All in One and install it.

Now For your Phone.Download Teamviewer From play store.And open it.

 Now back to the PC.Open teamviewer and See your ID and Password.

Enter your ID in the phone and click on remote control.It will ask you for Password enter it and you're Done.You will see the full PC on your phone Pinch to zoom and tap to select.Control full PC with your Phone.

 You can Even connect your Friends PC with this and access each others files from this.For doing Project work or so.

 So What do you think about TeamViewer Leave us a comment down below.


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